Vidizi Review – Make High-Quality Video Ads for Social Media!

VIDIZI Video Software Review!


What Is Vidizi?

You might not have heard about Vidizi yet.

Vidizi is a drag & drop video software that lets anyone regardless of their ability or experience creates substantially engaging and high converting videos for their social media and advertising in a matter of minutes.

Vidizi is a web-based cloud platform which means it will work with both systems of Windows as well as Mac. You don’t have to install any new program on your laptop. All you need is access to the internet, and you can work on the platform from anywhere in the world. Another fantastic thing about web based cloud platforms is that the rendering of the videos will always collaborate with the same speed.So it doesn’t matter what kind of computer, tablet or mobile device you have.

Vidizi Overview:

Creator: Jimmy Kim
Rlease Date: 2017-Jul-5
Release Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $47-$67
Sales Page: Click Here
Niche: Video

A True Push Button, Drag and Drop Social Media & Advertising
Video Creator

Adhering to Facebook’s 15-second video recommendation, Vidizi equipped with excellent pics, video, and audio – which is unique and license-free, plus the ability to use your videos and audio as well.
It also features a very customizable experience with text, colors, and looks.

In other words – would you like to make cool, short clip for Facebook quickly? In that case, this is an app for you!


Vidizi is a cloud-based app software based on the idea and concept of video advertising in social media (paid adverts) that is fully customizable.

Vidizi will get your video creation super easy.

We all know that the future of advertising is going to be focusing on video that’s why so many companies are getting great conversions from video (such as 15 seconds Facebook clip)

Just take a closer look at what this new app can do.

They’ve made smart; sellable video production is available to everyone.


Vidizi will let you:

Save time while doing video creation

Make excellent clips or ads regardless of your computer skills

Mncrease your ability in your promotions to more deals

Use a library loaded with pics, videos, and music

Truly, this is an application that is worth to try.

It is easy to operate, simple to utilize and the recordings that are in the library are taking from advertising video pros (something that we all want to get at any chance given to use from).

Let’s sum it up:

The platform you can customize the way you want
Based in cloud – no need to download the program to your PC
At your hand all tools such opacity and colors
Access to free stock pics
Free music available
You can upload videos from Youtube
Free videos gallery made by professionals
Quickly drag & drop text on video

There are following options available:
Vidizi Personal or Commercial
Includes access to the app PLUS access to 100 Marketing ready videos AND the ability to upload your video and sound! PLUS full customization of your marketing videos

Is VIDIZI PRO for you?

I’d recommend this package to people that are more advanced in the advertising business. I mean that if you are a pro and want to get greater conversion than your competition, then don’t hesitate, go for the PRO Version.

Gives you an extra

400 Exclusive Custom Marketing Videos

100 Royalty Free Music Pack

And what about VIDIZI Facebook Video Mastery?

That is a bit different package that I would recommend to somebody having trouble to understand how video works on Facebook.

Why? Because it lets you:

Learn how to make your video conversion on Facebook

And Jimmy is teaching you step by step how he turned $2500 ad spend to $52,000 in sales!

This is also for the marketer that wants to know better how to convert much more efficiently at the higher level.

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