Understanding And Eliminate Anger!

Understanding And Eliminate Anger

By Christina Sponias  |  

Anger characterizes our behavior from the moment we are born. We are constantly dissatisfied and we must face many problems in life. Everything for us is tiring and painful.
We believe that anger is a normal reaction, even though it can become a mental illness when it is exaggerated.
However, now that the satanic origin of the human conscience was discovered we know that there is a demon in our brain. Therefore, the truth is that we become angry for no reason. We already are angry by nature.
Now that we know this fact we have to stop believing that anger is a ‘normal’ reaction. If we didn’t have a satanic anti-conscience we would only become sad with our problems. We wouldn’t become angry.

Anger is a wild reaction.
If you will pay attention to the behavior of various animals you will verify that a lion becomes angry very easily, while a sheep is very calm. Why?
Because they have a different nature.
Lions are violent predators. They kill even animals that are many times bigger than them.
So, if you will see an angry lion somewhere, you won’t be surprised. You know that lions are violent and dangerous creatures. They don’t need a reason to become angry, even though they tend to become angrier when they are hungry or when they are hurt.

Exactly the same happens with human beings, since we are not really human. We are in fact violent primates that can think. Only a small percentage of our brain has human characteristics.
Most of our thoughts are rudimentary because we are ignorant, absurd, evil, and idiotic. This is why we believe that violence is indispensable in life.

Sometimes our anger becomes visible, but our thoughts and emotions usually are invisible. So, we can hide them from the world. We pretend that we are calm and happy even when we are angry and upset.
The truth is that we are absurd and evil vampires that pretend to be human in order to mislead their victims. This is why we smile and we seem to be reasonable, whereas we are as angry as lions most of the time.
This is why some people become serial killers who kill many other people without any reason, even though most of us commit crimes only once in a while for various reasons that seem to have a logical explanation because we think based on selfish criteria.

Our satanic nature was hidden from us by God because if we knew that we were cruel demons we wouldn’t have the courage to learn the meaning of goodness. First of all we had to understand the meaning of goodness, at least theoretically, and believe that we can be good.
This is why we can see only what exists into our human conscience, which was created by God based on human standards. So, we don’t know that we are demons with a tiny human conscience.
We don’t interpret various signs of evilness in our behavior as if they were indications of evilness, but the truth revealed in our dreams and in the treatment of mental illnesses through dream translation is that we are very cruel.
Some people frequently get angry and frequently show their anger to the world, while other people seem to be more balanced, but everyone is basically a demon with a tiny human conscience that must be developed.
A demon never stops being dangerous, the same way that a lion never stops being dangerous, even when it seems to be calm.

In order to become really human we have to pass through a deep process of transformation. God sends us the mental health treatment we need in our dreams because He knows that we need His help.
God can transform a lion into a sheep but He cannot transform demons into human beings without our cooperation because we can think and make decisions.

We must logically understand the meaning of goodness and desire to follow God’s philosophy of life because we can understand that it is better for us. We cannot be forced to agree with God.
God sends us numerous explanations and lessons in our dreams in order to help us understand that we must desire to attain sanctity in order to find sound mental health, peace, love, and happiness.
Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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