The Bridesmaid’s Rap | Wedding Rap!

Lyrics below from a recent wedding we filmed where the bridesmaids did a fresh prince style rap for their friend and bridesmaid.

“So here’s a story all about how, Hollie’s sat here in a wedding gown, so I’d like to take a minute can you all sit down, I’ll tell you how Hollie got the Swansbury Crown…

In Sorley Street she was born and raised, in Barnes Park she spent most of her days, Chilling out-laughing-and acting real cool, drinking White Lightening outside of the school, when a couple of girls thought she was a radgie, but oh no she just dressed like a gadgie, tracksuit like her Dad and hair in a knot, asked her Mam-She wanted to be called Dot…

We begged and pleaded with her day after day to try and dress in a ladylike way, “you won’t get a husband dressed like ya dad”, she finally agreed and she said ‘my bad’, she just about managed to get through school, not bothering about grades just wanting to be cool, from school to Halfords then onto a bank, that didn’t last long she thought it was wank. Despite not getting all A-grades, she’s really succeeding in the motor trade, she left Mercedes, that was there loss, at Bristol Street Motors she’s just became boss…

She started dating the lists quite long
Tom,dick or Harry we could go on
Raking round the town testing out the shlong but the search continued until she found the one

In creamfields is where they got together
Dancing and raving whatever the weather
Greg was cute funny handsome and tall, Hollie thought… he’s got it all
From then on they were joined at the hip and we soon found out Greg loves to kip

In vegas Greg got down on one knee as he knew he wanted hollie as his wife to be
Unlucky for him she said yes so off she went for that wedding dress

So raise your glass as we all say cheers to Hollie and Greg for many happy years!!!”

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