“Images in popular culture still relegate pole dancing to the status of provocative ornament.
The perception is not that of an athlete, rather of a calendar girl or sexual fantasy. While I didn’t intend to shame its sexualized form, I wanted to show the sacrifice, commitment, and determination required to become a top-ranked competitive pole dancer.”

Writer/Director // Francesco Calabrese
DP // Mauro Chiarello
Editor // Marcello Sanna
Music // Mark Yaeger
Pole Dancer // Anna-Maija Nyman
VoiceOver & Still Photography // Elis Jolie
Sound // Chris Blake @OperaMusic
Color // Orash Rahnema @IggyPost
Styling // Yosephine Melfi
Prod Design // Alice Rocchetta
Makeup & Hair // Diana DeVita
Production // Section 80
in collaboration with Bravò
Ex. Producer // Marco Orlando
Producer // Caterina Colombo
Casting // Filippo Bernabei

Premiered on NOWNESS nowness.com/story/spin-dreams-pole-dancing-francesco-calabrese

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