Social Kickstart 2.0 Review

What Is It?

Social Kickstart 2.0 is a web-based application created to help you manage all your activity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.
Social Kickstart 2.0 equipped with the right tools marketers need to build amazing campaigns from a single location.
The earlier launch of Social Kickstart 1.0 was very successful and looks like the newest version will be a hot pick as well!
All the needed features packed into one, friendly and easy-to-use Web-based platform. Social Kickstart helps you to find, post/schedule content and monetize traffic on your Fan Pages within a few clicks in a short time.


1.Vendor: Mark Thompson
2. Product Type: Web Based Software
3. Price: $37/month; $297/Lifetime
4. Bonus Packages Included
5. Difficulty: Low
6. Support: Excellent
7. Launch Date: July,11-2017


How Does It Work?

First of all, this application Social Kickstart 2.0 takes some time for you to set it up and to get to know how to use all its functions to maximize the use out of it.

Nothing to worry though, the way that it works is intuitive so you can quickly figure it out. After all, there are excellent and full instructions provided on how to set everything up and how to use it.

There’s nothing to download on your computer: the clean, platform is web-based, and of course, you can easily operate it from anywhere in the world at any time on any device. Quickly and simply add your sidekicks as users and manage your entire team without the confusion of older methods. Additionally unlimited posts and usage: No more limits based on the size of your business and amount of social marketing you need to do.

We all know very well that keeping in touch with your followers is extremely important if you want engagement from them. Higher engagement we will see the more you use this feature.


Simultaneously Post to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram Accounts

Facebook Live Scheduling (Desktop App)

Download the Adobe Air application and schedule pre-recorded Facebook Live videos.

Improved Scheduling

Create Schedules that allow to post X times per day, at certain times of the day. ie: MWF at 10AM, 2PM, 8PM.

More Content Sources

Now you can easily curate content from Facebook Groups, Pages, YouTube, Meme Search, Pinterest, Tumblr plus our 2.0 sources including Instagram, and Google News.

There are many bonuses for the first people to get this product. For example, they will receive a feature that gives the ability to add unlimited Fan Pages and Groups on Facebook, also post unlimited updates and many more useful features – only available to the very first group of buyers. The developers of this platform did not say how many yet. Well, if you want to grab the opportunity and get these features just make sure you do buy it soon.


Let’s get the conclusion. I think that Social Kickstart 2 is worth buying only because of the enormous amount of time it saves you. In reality that, it is easy to set up and to operate it just makes it, even more, sense to buy.

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Social Kickstart 2.0 Review






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