Is Working From Home a Need of the Present Generations?

Is Working From Home a Need of the Present Generations?

By Harmion Morris |

During the pre-internet era, it was impossible to think about working from home. But now as the internet has made its presence in every sphere, be it education, research, job, etc., the possibility of working from home has increased. Now one can convert his or her home into office with the help of internet connection. However, there are still some limitations and the flexibility to work from home is not possible for all types of jobs. For example, a construction worker cannot execute his or her duties from home. Even a mechanical engineer who is responsible for maintaining machines, and equipment cannot do so. Such jobs need people to be at the workplace.

So, why the trend of working from home is catching up with the present generations? And why some organizations are willingly offering this kind of flexibility to people? Well! The reason is simple. By offering and preferring to work from home, the organization as well as the employees are getting benefited. Here are some of the advantages that are fanning this trend.

Easy sharing of documents

Easy accessibility to high-speed internet has enabled downloading, uploading, and sharing electronic files in real-time possible. You can also stay connected with your co-workers through video calling and online chatting. Further, ease in sharing and saving documents on Google Drive, Dropbox using cloud storage has made it convenient in staying current with the current issues. Since using the new features on the Internet is a second nature to the present generations, they are getting more inclined towards working from home.


Commutation to and from the work eats away a better part of income. Above that, the high retail price of gasoline and diesel is just adding to woes of working professionals. With the opportunity to work from home, you can save on traveling costs. And when the usage of your vehicle is cut short, there is additional benefit drawn due to low maintenance. The money thus saved can inflate your bank balance.

On the other hand, companies can also save a significant amount of money by allowing their employees to work from home. They don’t have to purchase and install computers for employees. They can also save money on electricity as well. In addition to cost-saving, you can fetch several advantages of working from home.

Low Stress

While there is no way to avoid the workload, there are other things that add to the stress. And getting stuck in the traffic is one of them. We all know how tiring it is to be on the road during the rush hours. By working from home, you can be free from the need to commute. Besides traffic, you are also free from attending meetings physically. You can easily participate in meetings through video conferencing.

No Restrictions

All modern offices follow some rules and regulations like in and out time, lunchtime, dress code, etc. But when you are working from home, you are released from all these restrictions. You are free to work in any dress you are comfortable with. You can roam around, watch movie, and listen to music while working. Thus, there will be no restrictions, and you are free to do anything while working.

Better Health

Along with money, you can also save enough time by working at home. You can invest the free time in activities that are beneficial to your health such as yoga and exercise. As there is no need to step out of your home for work, you will not face air pollution, and your lungs can stay healthy. Besides, you can also take a short nap if you have completed your target and are waiting for another assignment.

Over time, peoples’ attitude to work from home has changed. Even many companies are encouraging their employees to try this new concept, and it is gaining huge response all around the world. Therefore, sooner or later, we can see more and more people working from home.

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